Exitite Golf Day III 2018



United Kingdom 

The third edition of the traditional ‘Golf Day’ in collaboration with the UK distributor Exi-tite Ltd, with selected designers and installers, has just taken place in the enchanting environment of the Chervò Golf Resort in Pozzolengo, in the proximity of Lake Garda, and it has primarily been the opportunity to bring over 20 LMF partners to the factory. During the tour in the facilities, the latest developments have been introduced for both the production aspects, with the new assembly lines and testing area, and the commercial-technical aspects, introducing the new LMF Clima products which will be part of the new catalogue due to be released after the summer. The Golf Day trip was finished off with a visit to the MASI Wine Museum & Experience at the Canova restaurant in Lazise, alongside with lunch and wine tasting, where an air-to-air heat pump of the HPR series is installed to ensure the correct air treatment.

LMF Clima-Exitite Golf Day III – 2018