Gent, Belgium

Redemptoristen in Gent (Belgium) is an assembly of buildings dedicated to the local Church, featuring a canteen, reading areas and parish offices. These are cutting-edge buildings manufactured according to the latest technologies and of the highest energy class (NZEB), which allowed LMF Clima to develop, together with the local distributor Climacon (www.climacon.be), specific HPR units, air-handling units with integrated heat pump circuit, suitable to the particular requirements of the areas to serve. In combination with a precise global management for the whole installation, these bespoke HPR units are able to handle the whole building thermal load in both summer cooling mode and winter heating mode, so they become de facto the sole thermo-regulating system for these buildings. The whole system is supervised from remote by a specific system. An ambitious project which will find further development in the new generation of heat pump units HPH/HPR/HPS which LMF Clima is designing for the new Product Catalogue 2018/19, due to be released in the second part of the year.

Redemptoristen, Gent (Belgium)