International Airport


Catania (Italy)

The airport of Catania-Fontanarossa is the first one in Southern Italy as for number of passengers, and the third in Italy. In May 2007, present the Minister of Transports, the new buildings named after Vincenzo Bellini have been inaugurated. Due to the obsolescence of the previous site, designed in the Seventies to host a much smaller number of passengers, a larger airport has been built next to it. In order to ensure a correct ventilation and air change-over to the huge halls destined to passengers transit, as well as to service areas, a number of LMF air-handling units of the FLEX series have been used.

These units may be customised according to the request of the customer, for what concerns the dimensions, performances and internal components, allowing the designer to elaborate his project in the utmost tranquillity, to comply as much as possible with the requirements of the place. Thanks to the thickness of the panels of 40mm and 60mm, with rock-wool insulation, the FLEX air-handlers offer high levels of thermo-acoustic insulation and, by using specifically-sized fans, allow to distribute the air to all airport areas from the technical rooms where they are installed.