Krakow (Poland)

The shopping mall ‘Bonarka’ is located in Cracow, Poland, and with an overall surface of 91.000 m2 of commercial space is one of the largest in Europe. Thanks to its innovative design and peculiar characteristics, the design team has been awarded the prestigious ‘CEE Retail & Quality Awards’ in 2009, an acknowledgement as ‘Project of the Year’. CEE stands for “Central & East Europe” and groups countries such as the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine (for more info please visit

In order to ensure the ventilation and air change-over in the huge spaces of such a complex, special units have been developed in cooperation with LENNOX, a company leader in the air-conditioning market. These units have been selected so as to comply with the thermo-dynamic needs of the different areas, as well as the dimensional  requirements of the technical rooms and external surfaces where the units have been installed. The choice was made for the FLEX range, comprising AHUs with air volumes up to 100.000 m3/h, ideals for applications like this one.

The peculiarity of this project, beside the prestige connected to the partnership between LMF and LENNOX, is due to the fact that such air-handling units have been equipped with a complete refrigerant circuit operating in heat pump, so as to make the installed AHUs completely independent units from the operating and thermo-dynamic point of view. This was possible thanks to the experience of LMF in the manufacturing of units with integrated heat pump, in the beginning with the HPX range and now with the new ranges HPH, HPR and HPS whose literature you will find in the specific sections of this web site.