Product Range


Heat recovery unit
from 3,000 to 23,000 m³/h

Ventilation unit designed and built for non-residential applications, enables to combine the need for air renewal with energy savings.
Fitted with high efficiency enthalpy rotary heat recovery unit and fans with EC motors, on frame with thermal break profiles and mineral wool insulation.
The series is divided into four sizes, for air flows ranging from 3,000 to 23,000 m ³/h.

  • Supporting frame in extruded thermal break aluminium profiles.
  • Sandwich panels th. 42 mm in internally galvanised sheet and pre-painted externally in RAL 9002 finish.
  • Non-flammable thermal and acoustic insulation in high insulation mineral wool.
  • Enthalpy rotor type high efficiency heat recuperator unit with aluminium exchanger and galvanised steel frame. Transmission to the electric motor by means of an adjustable tension belt. Dual central and circumferential seal for the reduction of air leaks.
  • Rigid pocket filters with polystyrene frame with polyurethane seal and medium water-repellent fiberglass. Efficiency class ePM10 70% on room return and ePM1 50% on outdoor air intake
    Centrifugal fans with free-running impeller with backward blades directly coupled to EC technology electric motors
  • Recessed type electrical panel with electronic adjustment and remote user interface for complete control of all the key functions and specifically:
    - manual control of the EC fans
    - automatic control of the EC fans (for pressure or air quality)
    - water valve control
    - electric heater management
    - recovery unit defrosting management
    - free-cooling management (by stopping the rotor)
    - mixing/exhaust chamber management
    - post-ventilation
    - weekly programming
    - alarm management
    - remote on/off
    - Remote summer/Winter
    - timed activation via presence sensor
    - fan management via fire alarm digital input
    - BMS via Modbus protocol and RS485 connection.


Water dehumidification external section
High efficiency enthalpy recovery unit

Extensive inspectibility of all components

(1) outdoor air/inlet circuit (2) at nominal airflow, inlet air temperature 15°, in/out water temperature 70/60°C (3) at nominal airflow, inlet air 28°C 60% RH, in/out water temperature 7/12°C (4) air inlet 29°C 65% RH, in/out cold water temperature 7/12°C, in/out
With reference to the nominal operating conditions, the following table shows the sound power values (SWL) in octave and total bands. The sound pressure levels (SPL) at 1m, 5m and 10m in supply, return and outside the unit are indicated.

The graphs provide an indication of the useful static pressure (P a) as the airflow [m 3/h] supplied by the base inlet unit varies. Consult the technical bulletin to check the specific data of the unit's aeraulic performance.