Budapest (Hungary)

Lat October 25th, in Budapest, a technical meeting was held as organised by MEGSZ Magyar Épületgépészek Szövetsége (a Hungarian association of professionals) where LMF Clima has introduced their high efficiency solutions for heat recovery. The seminar has attracted a remarkable number of HVAC technicians and installers, and it has been a very interesting opportunity to confirm the interest of the market towards a strongly-increasing sector: fresh air handling with thermodynamic heat recovery systems. The seminar, titled “High efficiency solutions for the ventilation of non-residential buildings – Ventilation units with air-to-air high efficiency heat recovery units in double stage” was lead by LMF Clima in cooperation with the Hungarian distributor and was the acme of the day, followed and appreciated for the correctness and completeness of the technical information supplied.

For more information download .pdf.

Seminar in Budapest