LMF headquarters – Italy

In 2004 the first RFM range was developed (heat recovery unit with heat pump system false-ceiling installation). From that time until today, this unit continues to be a very important innovation for HP Product Range. This unit exchanges the room air with fresh air at neutral temperatures. It recovers internal winter/summer loads based on factors such as the manufacturing features of these units and the fresh air temperatures, with following reduction of the necessary investment for the primary heating/cooling system. In 2019 another important innovation occurred: the elaboration of the RFH product. This is a static cross-flow plate heat recovery unit with centrifugal EC Fans, Heat Pump Circuit with variable capacity heat pump (R410A), compact filters F7 in fresh air and M6 in return air and internal electrical panel for the management of the unit together with the remote control panel, suitable up to 200 mt from the unit. The RFH range has many possible settings, modes and configurations. It can change its working range between Winter and Summer, using heating or cooling systems. With the accessories it can be customised according to personal requirements. In the end, all RFH components may be monitored continuously thanks to a manual management system.

Comparison between RFM and RFH