Installation of the new HPS unit


‘s-Heerenberg – Netherlands

High quality laser operations and services are being supplied at the Veldlaser company in ‘s-Heerenberg, not far from Nijmegen in the Netherlands, specialists since forty years in professional laser activities. The necessary fresh and clean air is now supplied into the indoor by one of the first heat pump air-handling units of the new HPS range, with 90% efficiency heat recovery unit and integrated refrigeration circuit for the supply of warm or cold air as requested. These new units have been upgraded totally from the former range in terms of dimensions, performances, controls and flexibility, and they may be connected with BMS supervision systems by different protocols. The installation and supply have been managed by the local LMF distributor, the company Midea Nederland who has coordinated with LMF from the starting design selection until the presence in the production during the final factory tests before shipping the unit.

Installation of the new HPS unit in ‘s-Heerenberg in the Netherlands