Heat recovery unit
counter-flow HEAT RECOVERY
from 1.500 to 23.000 m³/h

The high efficiency recovery units with integrated heat pump circuit have been designed and created for commercial and industrial applications and combine the need for air recirculation with maximum energy saving, thanks to the adoption of very high efficiency components. By their very nature, they are units that are generally well suited for use within traditional heating/cooling systems, even if, under certain environmental conditions, they can be used completely autonomously.

  • Supporting structure in extruded aluminium profiles, panels (th. 42 mm), sandwich type, with special sealing gaskets; external finish RAL 9002; thermoacoustic insulation in high density 0 class rockwool.
  • Filter sections on recirculation air in efficiency class ISO ePM1 50% and ISO ePM10 50% on return air.
  • Fan sections with backward curved blade plug-fans, directly coupled to EC brushless electronic motors.
  • Static air-to-air flow recovery unit with high efficiency countercurrent flows, Eurovent certified, equipped with aluminium exchange plates complete with bypass damper for free-cooling and modulating servomotor
  • Sezione di recupero dinamico realizzato con circuito frigorifero reversibile ad R410A, composto da: compressore/i ermetico/i twin rotary brushless EC completo di inverter dedicato, evaporatore/condensatore a tubi alettati in Cu/Al, valvola di espansione elettronica, valvola di inversione ciclo, pressostato di alta pressione, trasduttori di alta e bassa pressione, separatori e ricevitori di liquido.
  • Quadro elettrico completo di display a bordo macchina e microprocessore per gestire la termoregolazione a punto fisso in mandata, basato su logiche di funzionamento studiate per massimizzare il risparmio energetico ed il comfort ambientale, grazie alla modulazione di potenza frigorifera e portata d’aria garantite dalla tecnologia ad inverter. L’unità è predisposta per collegamento tramite RS485 a sistemi di supervisione basati su protocollo Modbus RTU/ Modbus RTU/ RS 485/ Modbus TCP/IP; Bacnet TCP; Webserver.

Standard electronic control with graphic display

Large compartment outside the airflow for access to the electrical panel and to the refrigerant circuit

High efficiency recovery unit with built-in by-pass

(S) Summer dehumidification kit available (DEU)
(A) Input temperature ≤ 20°C; balanced air flow rates
(B) Input temperature ≥ 22°C; balanced air flow rates(
(1) outdoor air at -10° C 90% RH, ambient air at 22°C 50% RH; nominal air flow rate
(2) outdoor air at 32° C 50% RH, ambient air at 26°C 50% RH; nominal air flow rate
(3) with ventilation regulation signals and heat pump at the maximum permissible value

With reference to the nominal operating conditions, the following table shows the sound power values (SWL) in octave band and the related results; the sound pressure values (SPL) at 1m, 5m and 10m in supply, in return and outside of the unit are also highlighted, under ducted unit conditions.

The graphs provide an indication of the useful static pressure (Pa) as the airflow [m3/h] supplied by the base inlet unit varies. Consult the technical bulletin to check the specific data of the unit’s aeraulic performance.