Eurovent certification
for hp, fl and flex ranges.



In a perspective of a continuous improvement and development, LMF achieved Eurovent AHU N ° 20.05.012 Range FLEX certification (see in May 2020, confirming how LMF has reached the best quality standards. The certification obtained covers the following product ranges, all equipped with a thermal break profiles structure and panels with mineral wool insulation:

  • FLEX air handling units
  • Compact air handling units FLS, with static plate heat exchanger and FLR, with rotary heat exchanger, which will be renamed as FL-FLEX and covered by the Eurovent certification
  • Compact air handling units with recuperator and integrated heat pump HPS, HPR, HPH, which will be renamed as HP-FLEX and covered by the Eurovent certification 

The LMF ClimaPro selection software has been updated and approved by Eurovent for the units covered by the certification and is already available to customers.

Eurovent Certification for HP, FL and FLEX Ranges