tests in bsria laboratories


United Kingdom

BSRIA Association in the United Kingdon is the most certified and representative agency concerning testing, performance verifications and evaluations for HVAC products (air heating and cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning). LMF Clima, after the five years of management of the HPS/HPR/HPH heat pump air-handling units, has totally renovated them redesigning the heat pump circuit, the arrangement of the components, the air flows and the thermo-dynamic performances, investing in the project of having the unit tested at the BSRIA laboratories in Bracknell (London). Thanks to these tests, the new design has been approved and confirmed, checking the correct operation with fresh air temperatures from -20°C to +40°C, evaluating the reaction and the management of the unit. Thanks to the positive outcome of these numerous tests, the redevelopment of the new series has been completed: HPS range (with counter-flow heat recovery plates with 90% efficiency), HPR range (with rotary wheel heat recovery with 80% efficiency) and HPH range (with plate heat recovery with 70% efficiency) which are now available for LMF Clima customers since January 2019.

Test in BSRIA Laboratories (UK)