The flex range’s air-handling units


LMF headquarters

The FLEX range’s air-handling units have been designed to allow the maximum selection flexibility in their composition, thanks to the wide range of sizes, configurations and accessories. This flexibility always allows to find the suitable balance between required dimensions and performances, including the option to develop customised units with dimensions other than the standard ones. The use of specific materials (galvanised steel, aluminium, AISI 304 stainless steel, pre-painted galvanised steel) make the FLEX range suitable for applications both in domestic and in industrial field, whereas the several configurations available include the use of heat recovery systems, in compliance with the latest laws in force. On request, LMF Clima can also supply the integrated plug&play control systems for their air-handling units, using IP66 rated control boards, designed to manage all the functions of the selected unit, and with option to be connected to supervision systems using the protocols Modbus, BACnet and WebServer.

The FLEX range’s air-handling units