Climatechno fair
at Leuven


Leuven (Belgium)

The latest edition of the biennial exhibition Climatechno (October 14th-15th) has just taken place in Leuven, 30 km east of Brussels, dedicated to air-conditioning and ventilation products, where LMF has been represented by its distributor for the territory, the company Climacon, together with the representatives of the two branches from Lokeren and Mons (Climasud).
LMF has exhibited a high efficiency heat recovery unit of the SRS range, equipped with a 90% efficiency plate recouperator, incorporated by-pass damper for free-cooling and integrated plug-and-play control board. In line with the growing requirements for high efficiency and reduced absorbed capacities, and in full compliance with the new Ecodesign 2016 and 2018 regulation (norm n°1253/2014), LMF confirms its intention to play a leading role in the field of ventilation and air-conditioning.

Climatechno Fair at Leuven