Technical seminar
at Riga


Riga (Latvia)

On Fabruary 3d, 2016 at the Riga branch of Sanistal (a leading company in the sales of heating and air-conditioning products, both retail and wholesale) a technical seminar organised by LMF CLIMA has taken place, together with the representative for Baltic Countries Mr. Alessandro Marini. The aim of the seminar was to introduce to the participants the characteristics of the new ranges of air-handling units with integrated heat pump circuit. Already boasting some reference projects in the area, the technical presentation has shown how, though Baltic winter be particularly rigid, it proves convenient (from both the economical and design point of view) to install such products in these areas. The units of the HPH, HPR and HPS range offer indeed the perfect combination between ventilation with heat recovery at high efficiency, in line with the latest ‘ecodesign’ norms, and the active thermo-dynamic recovery with refrigerant circuit in heat pump mode. The seminar was attended by mostly Latvian and Lithuanian designers. At the end of the technical introduction, the attention was switched directly onto an existing HPR026 unit on site, where it has been possible to show the operation at different operating modes.

Technical seminar at Riga