For over 20 years we have been developing products and systems for heat recovery and air handling to ensure comfortable and safe environments

Since 15 years we are pioneers in the innovation of heat recovery with integrated heat pump (double heat recovery).


The complete range of LMF products are the result of experience and continuous research to make more efficient your air system.



LMF is a company formed in years of experience in thermodynamics field in an industrial environment.


LMF provides a high quality level of materials and products with international certification.


LMF proposes to carry out development action in each service to obtain a progressive improvement.


Our production philosophy guarantees to the excellence of our products to stand out from the competitors offering.


Redemptoristen, Gent (Belgium)

REDEMPTORISTEN Gent, Belgium Redemptoristen in Gent (Belgium) is an assembly of buildings dedicated to the local Church, featuring a canteen, reading areas and parish offices. These are cutting-edge buildings manufactured according to the latest technologies and of the highest energy

Vitadomo Residence (Lugano – Switzerland)

vitadomo residence Buildings Lugano, Switzerland The new VITADOMO building is located in Tenero, a town in the Canton of Ticino overlooking Lake Maggiore. It is a beautiful Old People House, in which several heat recovery units with integrated heat pump

Installation at ROSSETTO F.lli

Installation at ROSSETTO F.lli Buildings Trebaseleghe (PD), Italy Installation of air-handling units at the factory ROSSETTO F.lli in Trebaseleghe (Padua), a leading company in the production of the polyurethane moulds for furniture, armchairs, couches and sofas. The units are installed

Building Technology (Twello, The Netherlands)

Building Technology Buildings Twello, The Netherlands Together with the local partners of Midea Nederland / VB Klimaattechniek, a technical-commercial visit was paid to the customer Building Technology at Twello, in the East of The Netherlands, where an air-handling unit with

Landal Coldenhove (Eerbeek, The Netherlands)

installation at Landal Coldenhove Buildings Eerbeek, The Netherlands Installation o fan air-handling unit with integrated heat pump circuit, model HPS205 with high efficiency 90% counter-flow heat recovery unit, %, installed at the Landal Coldenhove park in Apeldoorn area, The Netherlands.

Hampton by Hilton Stansted (UK)

hampton by hilton stansted Buildings Stansted, UK The recent refurbishment done at the Hampton hotel, belonging to the Hampton by Hilton chain, at the International airport of Stansted, has included n°4 air handling units equipped with integrated heat pump circuit

Skyway Mont Blanc

Skyway Mont Blanc in the Alps Graie is a jewel of engineering that combines innovative design with sustainability and comfort. A new cableway opened in May 2015 on the Italian side of Mont Blanc..

Installation in Riga, Latvia

A heat recovery unit of the RFM series has recently been installed in Riga, capital city of Latvia, a product combining a cross-flow plates heat recouperator with…

Café Chillax

Café Chillax, Royal Terrace, ST. Peter Port (Guernsey, UK) Four heat recovery units with integrated heat pump circuit of the RFM series have been installed in a new Cafe Bar and Delicatessen Store in the city centre of…

DOC Morris Office Building

Large air-handling units of the FLEX range have recently been installed in The Netherlands, for the rapidly growing Internet pharmacy DocMorris with over 500 employees and 324 M € turnover…

Cà Foscari University

Inside some classrooms of the historical and prestigious Cà Foscari University in Venice, active heat recovery units of the RFM series have recently been installed. Striking feature of this range is the…

NATO Air Base

The airport Cosimo Di Palma in Sigonella is an Italian military airport hosting, beside the 41º AntiSom Storm and the 11° Italian Airforce Maintenance Division, the American Navy Sigonella Air…

Private Institute Al Maaref

The Al Maaref International Schools are a prestigious cultural institution present all over the territory of the United Arab Emirates. The supply from LMF has concerned the new institute located in….


The University Hospital ‘Vittorio Emanuele’ in Catania, offering the widest choice of health care services, has recently been restructured in order to offer the users even better quality standards. For hospital…

MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art

The new Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome was officially opened on 11 October 2002 under the name of MACRO , under the direction of Danilo Eccher . In the same year , in two pavilions of…


Ederle American Base, Vicenza. Within the territory of the Ederle military base in Vicenza, seat to the American forces in the North-East, there is a…


The shopping mall ‘Bonarka’ is located in Cracow, Poland, and with an overall surface of 91.000 m2 of commercial space is one of the largest in Europe. Thanks to its innovative design and…

Sport Centre REAL MADRID F.C.

The Ciudad Real Madrid (Real Madrid City) is the sports centre of Real Madrid, located in the outskirts of Madrid by the Valdebebas Park, in the neighbourhood of the Madrid-Barajas airport. It stretches over a…


Cineplex in Pontedera is a modern cinema located inside the shopping mall ‘La Galleria’, which includes several commercial activities such as restaurants, a gym and a…


The airport of Catania-Fontanarossa is the first one in Southern Italy as for number of passengers, and the third in Italy. In May 2007, present the Minister of Transports, the new buildings named after Vincenzo…


Ars Medica is a multi-specialistic clinic equipped with all the most modern diagnosis and therapy instruments. Designed in 1964 by the architect Maurizio Vitale, it has recently been reconstructed…