For over 30 years we treat air and water in order to bring the air comfort to the maximum efficiency.

Since 1996 LMF CLIMA designs and manufactures Air Handling Units, specializing, over the years, in high efficiency heat recovery systems.
Anticipating the evolution of the market in terms of energy efficiency, in 2004 LMF introduces a new range of heat recovery units with an integrated heat pump (with double heat recovery), extending the range to larger air-handling units.
LMF presently offers and sells its products in over 30 countries worldwide, where the brand is acknowledged as a reference for the market due to our technological leadership.

For 20 years LMF CLIMA has meant technology and production “Made in Italy”, an assurance of quality. Italian innovation, quality, flexibility and professionalism.

LMF CLIMA designs and manufactures all CLIMA units in Italy,

where we have direct control of production and the quality of the raw materials and components used.

The four key characteristics
of LMF Clima’s success
and leadership.


LMF Clima has stood for INNOVATION for over 20 years. Since 2004, anticipating the evolution of the market for ventilation with heat recovery. LMF promotes the maximum efficiency using a double heat recovery with an integrated heat pump circuit. A team of engineers and specialized technicians, with decade-long specific experience, is the founding hub for the capacity to perceive, design and develop new products and system solutions, in line with the norms and market trends.


LMF Clima has stood forQUALITY for over 20 years. QUALITY and certification of the production processes and RELIABILITY of the components used for LMF products, in order to guarantee the highest customer satisfaction.


LMF Clima has stood for FLEXIBILITY for over 20 years. LMF listens to the requirements of all customers and markets, managing them with the pace and smartness of a reliable and experienced partner.


LMF Clima has stood for PROFESSIONALISM for over 20 years. In LMF each collaborator is chosen not only based on their skills and technical capacity, but also in consideration of the passion for the product which he or she contributes to create, produce and sell.

Certified Quality Systems, professionalism and constant production monitoring and control systems ensure reliability and a the highest manufacturing standards. Investments into innovative control systems are a crucial commitment for our business activity.
Our Plants employees over 200 hundreds people in our two production facilities; one based in Italy and the second based in the Czech Republic.

Since 1980 Ferraro Group business activities are synonymous to QUALITY and SERVICE.
Today Ferraro Group is divided into 3 Business Units:

B.U. CLIMA, production of heat recovery units and air-handling units;

B.U. PIPING, production of copper, steel and aluminium pipes;

B.U. TANKS, production of carbon steel and stainless steel tanks.


LMF Clima