Case history


Buildings Venice (Italy)

Inside some classrooms of the historical and prestigious Cà Foscari University in Venice, active heat recovery units of the RFM series have recently been installed. Striking feature of this range is the capacity to supply the adequate air change-over, at the desired temperature, without the necessity to combine the unit with additional heating or cooling systems, since it is equipped with a refrigerant circuit in heat pump, completely wired, factory-tested and fully operating. The low noise level of the unit allows for its installation nearby the room to be served, as the picture of the classroom clearly shows.
The RFM range ideally continues up the air volume of over 20.000 m³/h with the brand new ranges HPH, HPR and HPS with heat recovery efficiencies up to 90%, ideal for any application in the residential or service sector.


Redemptoristen in Gent (Belgium) is an assembly of buildings dedicated to the local Church, featuring a canteen, reading areas and parish offices.