LMF Headquarters

LMF updates the HP and FL product ranges which become HP-FLEX and FL-FLEX thanks to the improved thermal insulation performance. The new -FLEX versions have in fact a frame structure in aluminum profiles with thermal break, which, combined with the insulation of the high density mineral wool panels (80 kg / cm), lead the new LMF units to achieve excellent characteristics of thermal and acoustic insulation. These high performances make the new units, in the versions with plate heat exchanger (HPS-FLEX, HPH-FLEX and FLS-FLEX) and in the versions with enthalpic rotary exchanger (HPR-FLEX and FLR-FLEX), an optimal solution for outdoor installations, especially in areas with cold climates.

With the above described update the new FL-FLEX range is also revised in its extension which becomes:

  • FLS-FLEX with sizes 26, 50, 92, 144 and 205, with flow rates from 600 to 22,000 cm / h
  • FLR-FLEX with sizes 50, 92, 144 and 205, with flow rates from 2,700 to 22,000 cm / h

The new HP-FLEX and FL-FLEX ranges have also obtained the Eurovent certification.